CNC Folding

Explore our comprehensive array of on-site CNC folding equipment at J&S Laser Profiles Ltd in Southampton, catering to clients across the UK. When it comes to CNC folding expertise, we assure you that choosing us will exceed your expectations.

What is CNC Folding?

CNC folding, or Computer Numerical Control folding, is a precision metal forming process where a machine, guided by computerized controls, manipulates a sheet or plate of metal to create bends and folds. This automated process is particularly effective for producing complex and accurate folds in various materials such as steel, aluminium, and alloys. CNC folding offers high precision, repeatability, and efficiency in creating intricate geometries, making it a key technology in modern metal fabrication for applications ranging from industrial components to architectural elements.

How can we help?

Experience precision at every stage with our cutting-edge pressbrakes operated by a skilled team of engineers. Our technology seamlessly combines innovation and expertise, ensuring outstanding productivity from programming to the final folding process.

Capable of forming a variety of materials, including mild and stainless steel, aluminium, and alloys, our in-house CNC folding services in Hampshire guarantee affordability without compromising quality. Contact us today for a personalised quote tailored to your folding requirements.

Discover the convenience of consolidating your metal fabrication needs with our comprehensive services, including laser cutting, punching, fabrication, and welding.

Serving contractors and manufacturers nationwide, call us at 02380 872827 for more information.

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