Coal Measurement Device

Coal Measurement Device - standing upAnother week and another interesting project lands at J&S Laser Profiles for manufacturing. Recently we have been heavily involved in automobile projects. When this one arrived it was certainly a new one for us.

Our Client required a coal measurement device to be manufactured. Who would have thought coal needed to be measured? It appears that J&S Laser Profiles are not the only company that prides itself on quality control. Our Client clearly also wants to demonstrate a uniform quality product for its Customers too.

The measurement device has been manufactured using stainless steel. The metal has been programmed, lasered and then formed and rolled before being welded to form a concentric ring.

The concentric measuring device was then cleaned and put through our quality control before being delivered to our Client.

Its another example of how the team at J&S Laser Profiles can produce quality work for other quality minded British companies.