Ducting and Assembly

Next up for the J&S team was a double manufacturing project for an existing Client.

It had been a recent departure from our aluminum projects and back into steel, the ducting has been manufactured using 1.5 mm mild steel. The ducting was cut to size, folded into precise shapes and finally welded to create the desired final panels.

This demonstrated our flexible approach to our customer requirements as well as utilizing some of our many skills.

Our normal standard of high-quality control was essential to ensure that our own and our customers demanding requirements were met.

Once this has been completed it allowed the team to work on the second phase which was the ducting assembly itself.

Precision sections were fabricated out of mild steel using our programming facilities to ensure uniformity prior to laser cutting.

Sections were then folded to shape and spot welded to create the final test assembly.

Our quality control team then conducted a thorough check to ensure the customers specification was met and exceeded before the two components were delivered to our client on time and on budget.

New Year and the factory is still busy with manufacturing and quoting new projects. If you have an urgent project then get in contact with the team at J&S Laser Profiles today.