Digger Front Guard

On the run in to Christmas the projects continue to come in at JS Laser Profiles.

Over the last month or two we have highlighted the diverse range of our work. Until now we have neglected to mention one of our core business areas that we are still looking to expand further. We conduct work within the automotive industry and construct all sorts of bespoke parts for fitting to vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Our latest project has been to provide a front guard for a digger. Having met with our customer to understand what the digger would be doing and in what environment, we then got to work designing a solution for them.

The guard has been constructed using 20 x 20 box section and steel mesh, it has then been welded. At this point the first quality control check was completed. After passing this the guard was then fitted to the digger before being quality controlled for a second time. The digger was then delivered back to the client on time and within the quoted price.

Our next couple of articles will highlight other projects that we are completing for various types of vehicles and applications.

If you have a vehicle that requires retro fit parts, contact us today to see what J&S Laser Profiles can do for you.