It’s a Dog’s Life

J&S Laser Profiles Ltd has earned some more repeat work after they were commissioned by a sponsor of a LEGO assembly company to build the base plate for a LEGO Dog

photoAs with all work we carry out we thrive on the quality of our work and ensure that our clients are always happy with the finished product and delivering on time. This is no different with this client and hope to get some more repeat work again soon.

When Mark Stancombe was asked about the techniques and skills used to manufacture the base plate he said “We have manufactured the base plate from mild steel which was lasered with locating holes, cleaned and painted. The client has again been involved all the way through the manufacturing process.”

The base plate is now complete and has been delivered to the client where they have overlayed the LEGO to create the large yellow dog. We have a selection of images available now but also keep an eye on our website for more photos of the finished product.

The LEGO dog is currently touring Denmark on a purpose built trailer as part of an opening of Netto-branded Discount stores, you can see more by visiting the Daily Telegraph website – Netto Dog

If you have a fabrication task that involves demanding tolerances, specialist welding techniques and short deadlines, contact J&S Laser Profiles now on 02380 872827 or email

LEGO Dog 1 LEGO Dog 2 LEGO Dog 3 LEGO Dog 4