Door Bin Brackets

Its funny how projects from similar industries come along in batches. The bosses here at J&S Laser Profiles were only discussing the other day that as a company we would like to conduct more projects in the automotive industry. Then two come along in quick succession. Following the recent project for a front grill for a digger, we have now finished the brackets for a door bin on a vehicle door.

Car Door Bin Bracket - 2The process for this project involved the metal being lasered, folded and the welded. A first quality control check was then completed before the brackets were painted with an anodized black paint. The final quality check was then passed before delivery of the manufactured parts to the client.

We have a highly skilled team who can produce high quality work in many industry sectors. We are actively looking to take on more work within the automotive sector.

If you have one off or batch work required for an automotive project, get in touch today and talk to one of our experienced project managers.

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