Formula-E Sub-frame

Previously we have constructed the sub -frame for a Mclaren Formula One Car model made from Lego bricks.

Now we enter the world of electric racing! With the ever increasing popularity of electric cars comes the first truly electric racing series, Formula-E.

A series that encompasses fast paced racing in some of the most iconic cities in the world deserves its own recognition.

We have been busy manufacturing the sub- frame for a giant Formula-E model car. The sub-frame has been constructed using stainless steel box sections and plates. The metal has been programmed, lasered, formed, and welded.

As with every project, the finished piece is then thoroughly checked through quality control before being delivered to our Client on time and on budget.

We enjoy starting these projects and completing our part of it. Our work is a thing of beauty in its own right and the finished model promises to be too.

J&S, providing quality work on time and on budget.