Lego Formula 1 Car Monocot

Lego F1 Car MonocotAs the summer hots up so does the complexity of projects at J&S Laser Profiles. A job for one of our regular customers who just love to test us!

Here is a piece of precision work. It might be a little heavy to compete with the real thing but here is a metal monocot for a formula one car. This metal has been programmed, lasered and folded and the welded and cleaned before the quality control process.

Now although this is the chassis for a Formula one car we are fairly confident that it will never be put in the hands of a racing driver! The reason for this is, the chassis is about to be covered in LEGO bricks to form a giant model! We have really enjoyed working on this project and cannot wait to find out how many bricks are used to make the model.

Don’t tell the boss but we have a sweepstake open on the factory floor for guess the number of bricks!

Whatever your project, get in touch for a bespoke quote. We challenge you to test us!