Lift monitor cover

Lift monitor coverGoing Up! Or maybe Going down! At J&S laser Profiles we always know which direction we are heading in. As long as it keeps our Clients happy then we are happy.

Our latest project involved the manufacture of covers for monitors mounted within lifts.

We could use lots of lines like “It elevated our team to new heights” or “The project provided lots of ups and downs” but we wouldn’t do that!

Instead we stuck to our tried and tested principles of: on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

The covers were manufactured in stainless steel. The metal was folded, welded and then finished. As always it went through a thorough quality control process before being delivered to our client.

Another example of the diverse nature of industries that we can work in. If you have a bespoke or batch project that requires the J&S Laser Profiles touch, get in touch today and speak with a member of our team.