Santa Clause is coming

Sleigh - 1Recently J&S Laser Profiles Ltd was commissioned by a sponsor of a LEGO assembly company (Bright Bricks) to build the framework for sleigh and reindeer. The specifications of the framework were high, as usual, the finishing and tolerances we extremely key to this project.

But, this is all very much par for the course and largely anticipated by Mark Stancombe the Managing Director at J&S Laser Profiles. “This was an interesting project  for us not only was this a new client but the client wanted to film some of the work and also take a large array of photos of the work which include some close ups of the welding and finishing. The client was extremely happy with the delivery and finish of the end product.”

Sleigh Finished - 3When Mark Stancombe was asked about the techniques and skills used to construct the framework he said “The framework has been lasered, welded and cleaned. The client has been involved all the way through as well carrying out inspections to make sure that the tolerances and strength of the welds are acceptable.”

Now complete the client will be overlaying the LEGO to create the sleigh and reindeer. Once the LEGO has been overlayed the finished product will be displayed in Covent Garden. Please see some of the photos here now of framework and finished product. There is also an article available on the Daily Mail website. You can also view the video below of the process from start to finish.

Hopefully now with J&S Laser Profiles quick turnaround Santa Clause will be on time this year! If you have a fabrication task that involves demanding tolerances, specialist welding techniques and short deadlines, contact J&S Laser Profiles now on 02380 872827 or email


Sleigh - 1  Sleigh - 2  Sleigh - 3  Sleigh - 4

Sleigh Progress - 1  Sleigh Progress - 2  Sleigh Progress - 3  Sleigh Progress - 4

Sleigh Progress - 5  Sleigh Progress - 6  Sleigh Progress - 7  Sleigh Progress - 8

Sleigh Finished - 1  Sleigh Finished - 2  Sleigh Finished - 3  Sleigh Finished - 4

Sleigh Finished - 5