Sleeping Tiger

Lego Tiger - Page ImageWell, when the Boss here at J&S Laser Profiles asked for an article on the current project the amount of titles to use became almost limitless. Tony the Tiger, Eye of the Tiger, Tiger feet and Taming the Tiger all jumped out.

So if you hadn’t already guessed, yes it is the sub-frame for a Tiger made out of Lego. Our Client is super busy with a range of commissioned projects meaning that we are also busy constructing the sub-frames.

In a quieter moment we stepped back and looked at some of the complex projects we have undertaken for them over the last few months. From dragons to Father Christmas, formula one cars to tigers. It certainly keeps our metal working specialists amused! It’s got to the point that we can’t wait to hear from our Client to see what is next to build!

The tiger sub-frame was manufactured using our exacting standards. The material has been programmed, lasered, welded and finished. Our quality control team then ensured the stringent specification had been met before releasing the Tiger to go and get its stripes!

Another fun project completed by the J&S Laser Profiles team.