Stars of the underground

J&S Laser Profiles have had a busy couple of months with a steady flow of work to keep the boss and workshop happy.

Manufacturing a set of stars that wouldn’t look out of place on a Hollywood side walk. Instead these stars are heading to a disused London Underground Station. This particular Underground Station has been converted into a skate park.

Who are the important people?

The stars are to celebrate the visit of elite American skateboarders. They are descending on London to compete at the House of Vans Skatepark.

The Venue

The skatepark at House of Vans can be found in the arches underneath Waterloo station, London. The excellent use of space really works well. To find out more about House of Vans check out the website.

Product design

The client provided the design and specification of the required stars. After looking at the design J&S Laser Profiles came up with a recommendation which led to a redesign. This changed the way the stars were to be manufactured.

The build process

All stars are made up of mild steel and stainless. Starting with 6mm steel and 4mm stainless then 2mm stainless to create the recess. Each star has been programmed, lasered and each layer welded together.

To finish the completed stars off they have been shotblasted to give them the desired effect.

Handover and install

The client has collected the finished products ready for installation at the skatepark. These stars should look pretty good once installed.