T-Rex Dinosaur Project

T-Rex dinosaur project sub frame from J&S Laser ProfilesHot on the heels of our Saturn 5 project, our client contacted us with a monster project!

Well not technically a monster more like a dinosaur! Our Client has asked for J&S Laser Profiles to construct a sub frame for a T-Rex project!

Our team got their teeth (not too many bad puns in 2019 we promise) into the project and again delivered on time and on budget.

The sub frame required various sizes of box section to be constructed out of Stainless Steel. The metal was programmed, lasered, folded and then welded.

The frame was then put together in our yard for quality control. After this it was taken apart and delivered to our Client.

As much as we love these and in fact all our projects, we are actively looking for batch work. If you have either a bespoke or a batch project that need the J&S Laser Profiles team, get in touch today for a quote.