Water filter for desalination plant

What looks like the start of a good piece of repeat work. We are manufacturing the first batch of water filters for a desalination plant.

The material which has been supplied for the water filter is super duplex stainless steel. J&S Laser Profiles have been entrusted with this very expensive material.

Flat packed

All basket and cone sections have been prepared by the client and were delivered flat ready to start. The top flange was also prepared and assembled by the client.

We have started our work by checking the drawings with the client to make sure all is correct.

Here we go with the preparation

water filter for a desalination plantWe have started by rolling and forming the cone and basket sections to the correct shape. Then cleaned to be welded and ready for the mesh inserts to be fitted.

The mesh inserts for both the baskets and cones were programmed and lasered. We have also programmed and lasered a mesh retaining cone which will hold mesh in place at the top of the main cone.

All retaining strips were hand rolled using our rolling machine.

Assembly time

The baskets and cones have been welded and now ready for the inserts. Each mesh insert has been spot welded every 15mm down the inside of the basket, held with retainer strip.

The baskets have inner and outer retaining strips which are welded to hold the mesh in place. Both of these strips were fitted at the same time which was a tricky process.

The cone section has been assembled with mesh insert and top retaining cone. Now fitted within the basket with the base welded in place.

To complete the water filter the top flange is welded to the top of the basket.

Clean and handover

All completed water filters are cleaned and checked by our Quality Manager before handover.