Classic bike stand

J&S laser Profiles were commissioned to design and manufacture a classic bike stand for a local client

The team at J&S Laser Profiles put on their thinking caps to come up with a design that would show off the motor cycle. The stand is going to actually be a bar at the clients house, the bike stand is going to have a made to measure glass top so that they can show off the bike! The client wanted to keep the bike on display all the time and what a great idea to incorporate as a bar when they hope to be able to get 6-8 bar stools around it once in place.

After getting the stand design approved by the client the manufacturing process began with the bike stand being manufacture from brushed stainless steel. Our team have been keeping the client informed of progress along the way.

When the stand was complete Managing Director Mark Stancombe and his team could see what they had achieved. When asked Mark about the finished product he  said “The client was extremely pleased with our design and the way that we have worked with them to manufacture the stand itself. The client is even more please with the finished product and cannot wait to see the stand and bike in it’s final spot on display.”

Classic Bike Stand  Classic Bike Stand - 1

Classic Bike Stand - 2  Classic Bike Stand - 3

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