It’s a Gondola

So often we only see the obvious aesthetics of an item and fail to understand and appreciate the quality engineering and exceptional build quality that underpins it.

Sometimes this gets too much, even for the brotherhood of engineers, especially when it’s a high end product exhibited in front of millions of airline passengers each year.

So let me tell you about what we manufactured and why you, together with millions of others, will sadly probably overlook it and our contribution.

img1It’s a gondola, originally designed by Jonathan Davis at the creative agency Twelve. Each gondola around the world (there are over 12 of them) is surmounted by 50KG of lead crystal (24%) and embraced by several dozen bottles of whiskey. That is a considerable weight and in a high traffic location. So the client’s expectation is that the gondola will be stable, robust, long lasting and when the assembly occurs manufactured to the exacting tolerances specified.

But at the heart of each display is steel skeleton created and manufactured by us – J&S Laser Profiles.

Just for the record books each gondola stands approx. 1.5 metres tall and is 1metres  wide.

So next time you pass through an airport and walk pass a duty free shop with a display gondola, embraced by expensive whiskey bottles and topped by a lead crystal stags head. You will appreciate what is keeping the whole thing in place; J&S laser profiles – quality engineering.

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