Time and tide wait for no man

Recently J&S Laser Profiles Ltd was commissioned to build new utility unit for one of the Navy’s latest type 45 Destroyers. The specifications of the construction were high, as usual, and the Navy, naturally requested the units in marine grade quality stainless steel. In addition the units were to fit into a pre-existing location so the tolerance requirement of the task was demanding.

But, this is all very much par for the course and largely anticipated by Mark Stancombe the Managing Director as J&S Laser Profile Ltd. “We have been asked to fabricate for the Navy in the past, but what made this job unusual was the turnaround time. The Ship had a day, and a specific tide to sail on, so failure, as they say, was not an option for us.

In total the job was allocated a three week turnaround that included the designing, cutting, folding, welding, and polishing. “The toughest part of the fabrication process is the welding of high grade Stainless Steel.” Said Mark. “With the tolerances we were asked to work to distortion always a risk as is discolouration.  But I have some of the best welders in the area.”

At the end of the three weeks the ship left on the tide as scheduled.

DSCN0001 DSCN0002

The moral of this tale is if you have a fabrication task that involves demanding tolerances, specialist welding techniques and short deadlines, contact J&S Laser profile Ltd. After all the Royal Navy does.