Our aim for ZERO ENERGY

J&S Laser Profiles are going Green and looking for zero energy

Zero Energy - J&S Laser ProfilesJ&S Laser Profiles Ltd are striving to cut cost and help the Government meet there climate control levels, with this in mind they have entrusted Offset Energy Management to propose the best and most economical procedures.

Terry Gould (Managing Director of OEM) stated Mark Stancombe (Managing Director of J&S Laser Profiles Ltd) contacted us and I mentioned a unique plan we have designed whereby we can encompass a full range of Energy initiatives that will dramatically his energy consumption and improve the running of his machines , yet the full cost are covered under the Carbon Trust initiative so he overnight took full advantage of these benefits with “NO CAPITAL EXPENDITURE”

Mark was happy to add “OEM came up with the total solution”, they have carried out a survey, shown the different energy saving options and set up an EPP Plan that will basically give me a long term pension plan with the saving I am going to make.

The fact I have been able to have everything completed with No Capital Expenditure makes this an ideal way to cut cost and become more efficient.

Terry Gould confirmed that  “Marks factory was able to take full advantage of the EPP Plan” we have devised, the survey proved that there were a number of sectors available to him, it soon became apparent that his lighting was very poor and expensive to run, this was totally removed and low energy Induction low bays installed, the office lighting was also totally replaced, this alone reduced his lighting energy cost by over 70%.

Energy Zero Roof Panels - J&S Laser ProfilesWe then ran dialogue analysers on the factory for a full week and it highlighted major issues within the factory and that his main CNC cutting lasers were not working to their full potential, a full PCF/Harmonics system was designed and installed, this has now maximised the efficiency of the full machinery within the factory again reducing cost.

Finally a solar system was installed to Marks roof, although this was found to be Asbestos are trained team overcame this issue and the system was up and running within a week, Mark now has times when he is fully running his business with “ZERO ENERGY” required.

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