Everything flows down the grit trap

A local water board has commissioned J&S Laser Profiles to manufacture a grit trap. The trap is to be installed at a local water treatment plant.

What is a grit trap?

A grit trap is used as an essential first step in wastewater treatment. The trap separates heavy solids (grit) while allowing lighter solids to remain. Removing heavy solids help protect processes further downstream in the treatment plant.

Grit TrapManufacturing process

The client provides the designs for the grit trap. All drawings are verified by in-house design team. These are now programmed in to the machines and we are ready to go.

The trap is to be manufactured from Stainless Steel. Techniques such as rolling and folding are used when manufacturing the first sections.

Our engineers complete the rolling and folding part of the process. The stainless steel sections move along the manufacturing process and passed to the welders.

Our welders will now weld the sections together making sure that every weld is clean and precise. Once the welding is complete the cleaning of the grit trap takes place.

The handover

Cleaning has finished and the Quality Manager has signed off the work. The client can now collect the grit trap ready for installation at the water treatment plant.

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