The world of precision welding

The world of precision welding can be much more diverse than you think. You will be amazed as to how many metallic objects in everyday life, have either been or will require welding at some point.

Precision Welding - End Panels

To highlight this here is an example of two pieces of work carried out for clients recently.

The first of these is counter sunk, red oxide painted steel plates. These have been fabricated for waste management machines to protect the actual machinery from damage.

The second pieces are custom made side panels for a lift system – The panels are 1.2mm cr4 mild steel lasered and folded. Our customer will then complete the construction process of the lift.

This is a small snapshot of the varying projects that we can undertake. Both projects completed on time and manufactured by our highly skilled team.

We have a wide customer base who return to us on a regular basis. However we always like a challenge and also like to get to know people from all different types of industry. We have the know how and the tools to deliver on any welding project that you have.

Give us a call and see what J&S Laser Profiles can do for you.