Trommel Sifter

Every now and again a complex project comes along that not only tests us but interests us also.

If we were to say the word Trommel, the average person on the street would not have a clue as to what it is. Well here at J&S Laser Profiles we like to educate! Trommel is the name given to wood chips and sawdust.

Our Client is making a machine that sifts, separates and grades the trommel ready for resale.

The machine itself has a 1.2m diameter by 4.4 m in length. We have constructed two cylinders that go within the framework. These are set at diameters of 3mm and 12mm to sift the Trommel.

We have also fabricated a lot of the internal mechanisms for the machine. These include the supporting bands, separating cylinders and castor mountings.

The final part of the construction phase was to fabricate the chassis to mount the machine on.

The sifting cylinders can be changed to any size depending on the grade of trommel to be sifted, as mentioned earlier the specification on this project was 3 and 12mm.

The machine has been made so that it can roll and tumble to sift the trommel effectively.

A variety of materials were used in the process including box channel and sheet metal. We constructed the cylinders using a different process to normal to minimise wastage and keep the project economical.

We have really enjoyed working on this project especially the complexities and challenges.

It is a very good example of how the J&S Laser Profiles team can undertake all types of work and have the skills in house to do so.

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