Ventilation duct keeps the air flowing

More welding coming in from a local client which is also repeat work, our team will be manufacturing a ventilation duct for a test rig.

What happens next?

CAD drawings are provided by the client and are checked by the in-house design team. In preparation the metal sheets are loaded on to the laser machine by a sheet metal worker.

All the CAD drawings are verified before they are programmed in and sent to the laser machine for cutting.

Ventilation DuctAfter the laser machine has completed its job the sections move along the assembly process and are checked for imperfections. Once the checks have all be completed and we are happy with finish the cut out sections are passed to the welders.

Now the welding begins, our welding team will complete the weld of the sections and ensure all welds are clean.

Final inspections are carried out by the Quality Manager before handover to the client. We take pride in the quality of our work and push ourselves to be the best.

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